10 Simple Tips That Can Make Your Moving Easier

The thought of moving to a new house often leaves some people feeling overwhelmed and stressed. However, this shouldn’t be the case – moving home should be a stress free experience if you organize everything in advance. If you take time and organize your home prior to the moving day, the whole process can get a lot easier and smoother. Here are some useful house moving tips that will make your move stress-free and enjoyable:

Before The Moving Day


Before beginning to pack, decide on what you need to take to your new house. Household things lose value with time, and moving can provide you with the perfect opportunity to get rid of the clutter. Decide to donate them, or throw them away. Besides, such things will occupy more space in the removal trucks, forcing you to pay more money.


After de-cluttering, make a list of all the things you want to move by organizing the items and putting them in boxes. Once this is done label the boxes according to their content and where they need to go in the new home. Doing this will save you time at both your old home and your new home, and will make it easier for the movers to know where to put your stuff.

Overestimate on Packing Boxes

It’s not easy to estimate the number of boxes you’ll require for packing, especially when your things are still in drawers and cupboards. Depending on your approximation of the things you own, order for slightly excess packing boxes, as opposed to less.

The need to pay less may tempt you to underestimate the number of packing boxes, but you definitely don’t want the movers slapping extra charges on you on the moving day. You can also decide to go for a full packing service, whereby the movers will come with their packing boxes and materials, do the packing themselves, move you and unpack.

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Packing Service

Decide whether you want to pack personally, or let the movers do it for you. Doing the packing yourself will save you a lot of money, but at the same time, if you use a company that also provides a packing service, make sure they have full insurance in case anything gets broken or lost.

Contact Service Providers

Contact movers at least 1 week to make arrangements how your things will be moved to the new location. Use your friends, or in advance of the move, get them to come and dismantle beds, move photos and paintings and organize them in separate areas of the house ready to take away.

On the Moving Day

Start Early

Begin packing early; don’t wait till the movers arrive. Pack up everything and load them in boxes. Designate a corner, or a room in your house to place them, as they wait to be loaded on the truck

Label Packing Boxes

When you’re done, make sure you keep an inventory of what has been packed and which rooms are still to be packed – it helps with getting things organized and make packing easier.

Show Movers Around

When the movers arrive, point to them whatever you want to transport, putting emphasis on the fragile and heavy items. Then, stay out of their way and let them do their job.


When loading is done, it’s time to go; direct them to your new location. When you arrive, let someone be at the door of your new home to show them which rooms to put the things. Once unloading is over, ask the tradesmen to help with connecting appliances and assembling furniture.


Ensure everything is in order and sign the movers’ paperwork to release them. Then, you can start to unpack if it isn’t too late. Better yet, you can do it the next day when you’re fresh and energetic.

Moving can be easy and stress-free if you start organizing everything early. Try the above tips next time you move to a new house. Contact us for any questions or other details you may need.