4 things to take care of on your moving day

The moving day can be a nightmare. Your mind is preoccupied with many things, and you are all stressed out. We often forget about important things because of the overloaded work. Here are four things you should take care of on your moving day.

1. You must compare the movers’ inventory with your one. It will make sure that nothing is left out. You must be on the spot when the movers move your belongings. You must ensure that you have a contact number of the mover so that you can know the status of your delivery.

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2. After the mover takes your goods away, you should check the empty house. You can do some final cleaning. You must visit each room and check that nothing is left out. Also, make sure that the windows are closed, and the lights are switched off. You should turn the thermostat down to 15 degrees and turn off the water heater.

3. When you reach your new house, make sure there is nothing missing or broken. If you cannot find any item, ask the moving company.

4. You should make sure that the water heater, air conditioning unit and furnace in the new house are in good condition. You should make sure that everything is in good order as specified in the buyer’s agreement; else you should inform the real estate agent.

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Each of these steps is very important to take care of on the day of moving. Failing to do one of them may not make your moving experience a pleasant one.